AoWei 1:5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy

AoWei Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC BuggyIn the 26cc Buggy category we have the superb AoWei 1:5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy. This is really up there with the best in the industry and we are pleased to say it has never been more affordable. Due to improved manufacturing techniques and a larger volume of imports the price has come down but as you will see the quality has not.
The car itself is built with an aluminium chassis, aluminium alloy parts like the spur gears and the suspension. It has a 2.4Ghz radio and a 26cc engine which combine to give this buggy an unbelievable top speed of 80kp/h. Fortunately it has quality breaks to go with its speed and power, so you can be sure of total control just when you need it most. Everything you need is included even a rechargeable battery pack with UK mains socket. It even comes with tools to help you maintain the vehicle.
While this isn’t the very largest petrol RC buggy there is it is still a good size and larger than nitro or electric models. Its dimensions are 785mm long by 450mm wide and 310mm tall. Powered by a 25:1 ratio of petrol to 2 stroke oil this buggy will be the envy of those it leaves in its wake around your local track.
Beyond the technical spec it is also important to comment on the look. While the looks do not affect its performance who wants a stunningly fast and powerful car if it looks terrible? Just one look and you can see this is a fast buggy on or off road. This buggy is fast and powerful it is just a question of whether you like the look enough?
Manufacturer: AoWei
Scale: 1:5 Scale
Build: RTR (Ready to Run)
Drive:2 Wheel Drive
Terrain: Off Road
Radio: 2.4Ghz
Type: RC Buggy
Motor: 26cc
Dimensions: 785mm x 450mm x 310mm
Batteries: 8x AA Batteries

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