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Cyclone Self Build Nitro RC Car Kit 2.4Ghz

Cyclone Self Build Nitro RC Car

Cyclone Self Build Nitro RC Car

Looking for a radio controlled car that combines the benefits of use and price then look no further than the Cyclone Self Build Nitro RC Car. As you can see from the picture this is a car that will get people’s attention but there is a lot more to it that its bright paintwork.

This radio controlled car is part of a self-build kit that allows you to build one part at a time. Then once construction is complete the real fun can begin. It is the perfect kit for anyone looking to get into the RC Car hobby or looking to build their first car. With instructions the fun will begin the moment you open the box.

Cyclone Self Build Nitro RC Car Kit – What is included?

The radio controlled hobby can be a complex one. There are many cars available all coming with different combinations of add-ons and extras. This car can come with a number of add-ons which you can select item by item or buy the lot (Check out the specifications below for more details). This includes items such as the nitro fuel required to drive it. If you already have this with another car then there is no need however if this is your first nitro RC car then fuel is a necessity. What you buy is completely up to you but make sure you have all you need to build and run the car.

Please Note: It is recommended for ages 14 and over if for no other reason than the fact you need to add fuel

Cyclone Self Build RC Car – Construction

Construction will take between 8 and 12 hours which is why this is known as a ‘hobby class’ of Car. This is for the person who enjoys all aspects of the hobby and not just the racing part.

Unlike some self-build kits this particular kit allows you to get right into the electronics. Tools are supplied which can be kept for future self-build cars. It is one of the leading kits on the market for its completeness. This is one of many reason for our recommendation. If you want to learn to build a radio controlled car then this is the car to start with.

Help with Construction

This kit includes a detailed instruction manual. Detailed means it is quite thick and it is for a good reason. They say the first time is the hardest which is the case for many things in life and a radio controlled car is no different. When putting together your 100th car you will probably be able to do it without instructions. You will know cars inside out and be able to recognise individual components but for your first build the instructions are vital. Each step is shown in 3D to make it as clear as possible. The end result is a fully functioning Cyclone racing car powered by a size 18 engine which can travel up to and even over 40mph.

Once the car is build you can meet your mates and race their cars. Trust us when we say that this car can really travel.

Please Note: The Cyclone Self Build Nitro RC Car Kit is simply fantastic and the many 5 star ratings prove that. With commends like “excellent car, excellent price, excellent model in general”, & “the speed is fun and the building part gave me another fabulous reason to love this” show just how well it has been received by other owners.

Cyclone Self Build RC Car Specification

SKU – A1001
Manufacturer – Acme-Tech
Scale – 1:10
Build Type – Self Assembly Kit
Drive – Four Wheel Drive
Terrain Type – On Road
Radio – 2.4 Ghz
Vehicle Type – Car
Motor Power – .18 Nitro

Size: 199mm Wide, 115mm High & 380mm Long
Track: 185mm
Wheelbase: 259mm
Gear Ratio: 8:35:1
Engine: New Powerful SH 18

Required Before Use: 4x AA Batteries, 4x AAA Batteries & Model Fuel

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