FC Racing 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy

If you are looking for a great looking, powerful and fast RC buggy then this is most definitely worth looking at. The FS Racing 30cc 1/5th Petrol Radio Controlled Buggy uses its 30cc engine to propel it up to speeds more than 50 mph. Fuelled on standard petrol and 2 stroke oil obtainable from any petrol station this buggy will power its way round the track leaving your friends in its wake.


This two wheel drive off road buggy is delivered ready to run leaving you nothing to do but put batteries into the controller. One of the reasons we have recommended this buggy other than the fact it looks great is that the size of the vehicle and the power of the engine combine to turn this into a speed machine no matter how challenging the course. It will test you to your limit.

Steering servos have been upgraded to help handle the extra power this buggy comes with. It is made to an amazingly high standard which it needs to be giving the battering it will get travelling at fast speeds off-road. Check out the specification below.

Manufacturer: FS Racing
Scale 1:5 Scale
Dimensions: 800mm x 430mm x 245mm
Weight: 12.8 Kgs
Build: RTR Ready to Run
Drive: Two Wheel Drive (can be upgraded to four-wheel drive)
Terrain: Off Road
Radio: 2.4Ghz
Type: RC Buggy
Motor: 30cc