Marauder 1/5 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Desert Truck

Marauder 30cc Petrol RC Desert Truck

Marauder 30cc Petrol RC Desert Truck

If you are looking for a ready to run petrol RC truck then you should seriously consider the Marauder 1/5 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Desert Truck. Just stop for a moment to take a good look at the picture because this is a truly awesome model. Most petrol RC Cars are good but this has quality in every aspect of its design. It offers you a beast of a vehicle that will be the envy of your friends.

Ready to Run

The first thing that we want to point out is that this is a ready to run vehicle. There is no need to spend hours putting all the parts together. This model simply needs a charged battery and you are ready to go. Be sure to check the instructions on how to do that correctly.

Big 1:5 Scale

This model is made to a 1:5 Scale meaning it is big. Its exact dimensions are 860mm (86cms) long by 430mm (43cms) wide by 300mm (30cms). That means it is not far off a meter long. Yeah that’s big.

Powerful Engine

The engine on the Marauder Petrol RC Truck is 30cc. To put it into perspective, scooters start at 50cc and they carry people around so if you are looking for power this truck has it and then some. It is powered on normal unleaded petrol (93# or 97#). This means no need to pop to your local model shop to get fuel. Any petrol station will do.

Other Main Features

As well as being big and powerful this petrol truck has some great other features. For example, it comes with working LED lights both at the front of the car and on top. It has 2.4Ghz radio equipment which is viewed as quality within the industry. Like we said this has quality throughout.

It comes with a rechargeable battery for the receiver – The Ni-MH battery with charger are both included. There is a total of six LED lights. Two of them are the main lights while four more are mounted on top of the car. These are worked through a separate channel on the transmitter.

For those who like more technical information here goes:
• Metal Gear Set
• Clear Drive-Train Cover
• New Middle Differential Design with more Stable Performance
• New Improved Lower Suspension Arm Design
• Waterproof Receiver
• Water and Dust-Proof Servos
• Large Aluminium Air Filter for Maximum Engine Flow
• Can be Upgraded from 2WD to 4WD
• Separate Shock Springs for a more Stable Driving Experience
• Metal Gears
• Robust New Design for Improved Performance no matter the Surface
• Metal Gears – This is to Enhance Transfer of Power to Tires

Manufacturer: FS Racing
Run Time: 20-30 Minutes
Build: Ready to Run
Motor Size: 30cc
Dimensions: 860mm x 430mm x 300mm
Remote Distance: Over 200m
Scale: 1:5
Wheel Base: 520mm
Steering Servo: 30kg Gear Servo
Drive: 2WD (Can be upgraded to 4WD)
For Terrain: Off Road
Radio Equipment: 2.4Ghz
Control Channels: 3
Gear Ratio: 7.68:1

Please Note: This requires standard petrol, 2 Stroke Cycle Oil and 8 AA Batteries for the Transmitter.

Why Buy the Marauder 1/5 30cc Petrol Radio Controlled Truck?

If you want a list of reasons to buy this petrol RC Truck then read the specification and features list. It has so many it is hard to explain but in our view, this is as close to the pinnacle of the radio-controlled world as you get. Forget electric RC cars or even Nitro RC cars. They both pale into insignificance compared to the petrol variety.

This truck is big with a powerful motor, large transmitting range and the speed to beat anyone of your friend’s cars on or off road. It looks good and is robust. Seriously what more would anyone want?

How did others rate this truck?

The other reviews seemed to back up what we have already said. One saying they got it up to 40mph proving that it is fast and powerful. Another stating that it was good value for money especially with the available upgrades.

Star Ratings
The Fun Factor was 5 out of 5
The Price was 5 out of 5
Quality was 4 out of 5

So now just ask yourself do you want one?

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