Recommended Retailer

It is our love of RC Cars that bought about this site, but we do far more than just review radio controlled cars and recommend the models to buy. We also recommend what we believe to be the best online RC car retailer anywhere – Nitrotek.

Nitrotek have got over a decade of sales and support which cannot be disputed. Started in 2004 they saw a gap in the RC market and set about filling it. They did so with a website that sells all sorts of vehicles from RC Cars, RC Helicopters, Quadcopters, RC Tanks and RC Planes. As well as the vehicles they also sell spare and replacement parts and offer you the support to get the best out of them.

Their main selling point is their ability to offer the very highest quality product at an affordable price. Once an expensive hobby Nitrotek have helped bring down the cost making it affordable to many more fans. Nitrotek have agreements in place with many of the top retailers so they can offer great products at even better prices no matter what the vehicle.

The 90-day warranty they offer goes to show how confident they are in the quality of the products they sell. Each model is tried and tested to ensure that quality. If it doesn’t make the grade it isn’t included on their site. This is evident by the good reviews the vehicles get.

We have experience of Nitrotek for many years now and have never been disappointed. We have reviewed a number of their RC Cars and have found positive reviews throughout.

We cannot recommend them enough as our favourite radio controlled online retailer.