Self Build Raptor RC Electric Truggy – Brushed Version 2.4GHz

Self Build Raptor RC Electric Truggy - Brushed Version 2.4GHz

Self Build Raptor RC Electric Truggy – Brushed Version 2.4GH

One of the joys of electric RC cars are the models you get to build yourself like the Self Build Raptor Electric Truggy. This is the Brushed Version meaning it comes with a brushed motor. You will learn all about that as you set about building this most wonderful and fast model. This buggy is so much more than the stunning looks you can see in the picture.

This is a high performance and high-speed vehicle that you get to build yourself. The building process helps you to feel more connected with your car as well as to learn how they all fit together. This will make it extra special when the time comes to race it round the streets or your local track.

Self-build Electric cars are great because it is where you start your radio-controlled education. We wouldn’t recommend a self-build Nitro or Petrol RC Car to begin with because of the fuel considerations but an electric model is ideal. They are powered with a battery that simply needs charging. Construction typically takes 8-12 Hours using the instruction manual which is provided. This is a very detailed booklet.

Driving the Raptor RC Electric Truggy

With a length of 410mm and a width of 330mm you can see that this is a wide vehicle which gives it a low centre of gravity and allows you to do all sorts of manoeuvres without flipping the car. Of course, it is designed for off-road so why not see how far you can push it? Its four-wheel drive gives you great power and control no matter what the terrain. This Raptor is a race winner.

If you are a fan of Lego then maybe this will take that interest in building things to the next level. While we love Lego nothing in the Lego world moves quite like a radio-controlled car. It could well be the hobby that takes you from childhood into your adult years especially if you progress onto Petrol RC Cars.

Self Build Raptor RC Electric Truggy – A Little More Detail

This model is 1:10th scale meaning it is a 10th of the size of a normal car. It is officially 410mm long by 330m wide by 140mm tall. It has a wheel base of 270mm and a gear ratio of 8.95:1. With a 2.4Ghz radio you will have no problem racing it around as you desire. The motor is a 540 brushed. See below for the full list of specifications.

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Self Build Raptor RC Electric Truggy – Specification

    • Recommended Age: 14+
    • Manufacturer: Acme-Tech
    • Size: 1:10 Scale
    • Type: Electric Self Build
    • Drive: 4 Wheel Drive
    • Terrain: On or Off Road
    • Radio Equipment: 2.4Ghz
    • Motor: 540 Brushed
    • Dimensions: 410mm x 330mm x 140mm
    • Ground Clearance: 36mm
    • Wheelbase: 270mm
    • Gear Ratio: 8.95:1
    • Battery: 7.2V Ni-Mh Tamiya Type

Note: This car requires 4x AAA Batteries for the hand set. To avoid disappointment please remember to buy some especially if you are giving this car as a gift.

We strongly recommend this Electric RC Buggy for anyone who is looking to learn more about building radio controlled cars or wants a car that can really motor off road. Perhaps you want to beat your friends? Well this has a great chance. Finally it is good value for money but all the cars re recommend are.

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