ShengQi V2 26CC 1/5th Petrol RC Monster Trucks – HUMMER 2.4Ghz

ShengQi V2 26CC Petrol RC Monster Trucks - HUMMER 2.4GhzThis the ShengQi 26cc Petrol RC Monster Truck is an absolute beast. It has a new motor which has significantly increased its power. We chose this one for a mention firstly because one of its shells is a hummer but secondly and maybe more importantly because it can travel up to 80 km/h. What’s more it is brilliantly priced.
Please Note: These RC trucks are now available at a much more affordable price thanks to a change in pricing by the manufacturer. This has led to an increase in sales and when you look at the rest of the specification you can see why.
The power is the main feature of these radio-controlled trucks, so it is important to mention them in a little more detail. They have the DZY 26cc engine with Japanese Walbro Carburetor which combine to create the speed and power.
This truck comes with a choice of the Ford F-250 or a Hummer body shell. It arrives fully built and when you do first remove it from its box you will be struck with just how big the truck is. It officially measures in at 700mm long by 530mm wide and 350mm in height. Petrol RC Trucks do not come much bigger.
Everything you need is included except batteries for the controller so there is no need to worry about buying extras parts. The petrol you will need to get from your local station as this cannot be delivered for obvious reasons. You will need to get some 2-stroke oil while you are at it. I would suggest getting that before delivery. That way it is ready and waiting when the vehicle arrives.
We will probably write a blog post on this but basically what you need to do is mix the petrol and oil together. Simply fill up a can at the petrol station with 5 litres of petrol then add 125ml of 2 stroke oil.
Short Specification
Manufacturer: SQ
Type: Petrol RC Monster Truck
Scale: 1:5 Scale
Build: RTR (Ready to Run)
Drive: 2 Wheel Drive
Terrain: Off Road
Radio: 2.4Ghz
Type: Monster Truck
Engine Size: 26cc
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