Yama 1:5 Scale Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz – Pro 30cc Carbon Version

Yama Petrol RC Buggy - Pro 30cc Carbon VersionLooking for a fast and powerful petrol RC Car? Then take a look at the Yama 1:5 Scale Petrol RC Buggy which is the 30cc upgraded road runner version. It has a more powerful engine as well as a new body shell which combine to offer you the ultimate in petrol powered delight. With a special type of type that allows this buggy to perform well on or off road this car will be the envy of all your friends as it goes zooming around the course.
If you are looking for a buggy that moves then this is most definitely the vehicle for you. It can travel up to 90 kilometres an hour and has a radio range of over 200 meters.
Yama 30cc RC Buggy is Ready to Run
One of the most important features about this buggy is that it is ready to run. That means that there is no need to sit there for hours screwing each component to the next and hoping you haven’t missed anything. This is a full tank of petrol away from powering off at great speed.
Note: If you are new to RC Cars you may find it easier to start with an Electric model rather than a petrol RC Car as they are easier to manage. Or alternatively check out our recommended range of nitro cars.
1:5 Scale
As with all out petrol models this buggy is to a 1:5th scale meaning that it is a 5th of the size of the real thing. That doesn’t really help much if you do not have the full size dimensions though but not to worry. We can fix that. This car is 785mm long by 450mm wide and 310mm tall.
30cc Engine
One of the things that has been upgraded on this car is the engine. It is now a very powerful 30cc engine which for something as small as this is really quite powerful. Trust us when I say it can really move.
Bigger 30cc Engine
Colour Coded Aluminium Shocks & Suspension Arms
Stylish & Strong PC Body Shell
Extra Grip Tyres for on and off road performance
Colour Coded Split Rim Wheels
Note: It would cost a lot to buy these upgrades individually which is what makes this model so appealing. It still takes normal petrol along with 2 stroke oil. Both of these are easy to get hold of although we would of course like to mention that they should be stored safely.
Yama Petrol RC Buggy Specification
Manufacturer: AoWei
Scale: 1:5 Scale
Build: RTR (Ready to Run)
Drive: Two Wheel Drive
Terrain: On and Off Road
Radio: 2.4 GHz
Radio Distance: Greater than 200m
Type: Buggy
Motor Size@ 30cc
Dimensions: Length 785mm, Width 450mm & Height 310mm
Max Speed 90kph
Fuel Capacity: 0.5L
Further Technical Specification
Start Method: Pull
Front Tire: 170mm x 60mm
Read Tire: 170mm x 80mm
Wheelbase: 520mm
Front Tread: 350mm
Read Tread: 360mm
Suspension Pitch: 6.5/8.5 (F/R)
Engine: Single Cylinder, Two Stroke, Air Cooled 30cc
Twin Ventilated Read Brakes
Reciever 2.4 Ghz with Ni-Mh Batteries 5x 1.2v (2 Channels)
Servos Steering: 18kfg.cm/22kfg.cm. Throttle: 6kgf.cm/9kfg.cm
Please note in addition to normal unleaded petrol available from any petrol station it also requires 2 stroke oil and 8x AA batteries.
Why Buy the Yama 1:5 Scale RC Buggy?
If after reading the list of specifications you still need to ask this question then let us remind you. This is a fantastic looking, very fast buggy that is going to be the envy of all your friends. The Yama 1:5 Scale Petrol RC Buggy is fuelled by real petrol like real cars and with a 30cc motor no-one is going to keep up with it. It is the ultimate toy for teenagers or adults alike. It is the ultimate that the RC hobby has to offer.
Yes we like this buggy

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